Bisan Toron


Bisan Toron was born in Syria and was raised in Paris and New York. She holds a degree in classical voice performance and a Masters in Ethnomusicology, with a focus on the fusion music of various refugee populations and Middle Eastern vocal traditions. Her voice work is an exploration of the ever-changing dialogue between the voice and the multi-textural aspects of soul, particularly through the art of improvisation. Her debut CD is entitled, ‘Backstage Reveries, Voice Sketches by Bisan Toron.’ Bisan currently teaches and performs in the United States and Europe.

With the exception of "Girl", "Grace Thalma" & "Don't go", wich are pre-composed, most of the music was spontaneously created in the studio with Didier. To varying degrees, these arrangements grew from seed melodic motives or vocal improvisations, which we used as colors to compose the pieces.

Backstage Reveries

The backstage is where everyone mingles and there is the rumbling of soft chaos...where you can hear the odd sounds of voices warming up and quick whispers. It's where the great promise of release and serenity of exchange with the audience is held... where there is both clock time and the taste of eternity...whereyou can almost hear gthe knot in the heart.

It's in the knot, in the backstage heart that these wild paradoxes and strains, speeding emotions, hopes, desires and thoughts cross - this wealth of dreams made of "anything". Almost everything is allowed in the backstage.

As I nose-dive into the small knot in the heart, its love-tension widens to hold every visitor - to include any single voice and style of breath, every color and myth, every religion.
- Bisan Toron -

Extraits de l'album


The Boat

Unexpected Visitor

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